Real Estate Trends for 2020

October 1, 2019


Sure it’s only October, but I’m about ready to pull a Rip Van Winkle and go into a slumber—not for 20 years, but until 2020 and call 2019 a “done deal”; wake me when it’s over! Enough already! There’s the daily news constantly filling the air waves with the way the Constitution of the United States and our very political system are getting tested to the max. Constant warnings of imminent climate change seeming to come from all parts of the planet. Storms that have become bigger and more devastating than ever. The economy and how the housing markets will faire moving into 2020 (an election year). Oh, that…let’s stop there and focus on what this Newsletter is, and always has been, about-Real Estate!

For some time now I’ve tried to expand the scope of this Newsletter by including interesting and relevant links for you to read. My reporting data tells me that less than 20% of those who read the letter actually click on the links. Understandable, I guess. But here’s one you may not want to miss.

Austin, TX

“The Ten Trends That Will Shape Real Estate in 2020*”, described as “…find(ing) some direction within a fog of uncertainty” is a must-read. To pique your interest, here are a few of the ten trends anticipated:
·     Who’s Afraid of a Recession
·     Capital with No Place to Go
·     The Rise of Hipsturbia (can you guess?)
·     The “Silver Tsunami” of Senior Housing
·     The Potential, and Pull, of Principled Investment

Personally, I’m pleased to see trends moving towards sustainability, energy efficiency, clean transportation, and environmentally friendly technologies. “Look up at the mountain, I have to climb, oh yeah, to reach there” **

Moving right along, here are some great Featured Maui Properties for your viewing pleasure separated into categories to satisfy every preference and budget!

Vacation Rental Condos from $445,000 – $950,000

MLS #384141, MLS #384447, MLS #384429, MLS #382512, MLS #383080, MLS #382990  Click Here to View Listings

Vacation Rental Condos from $1,055,000 – $6,250,000

MLS #382731, MLS #383928, MLS #383204, MLS #383648, MLS #383867, MLS #384449  Click Here to View Listings

Single-Family Homes from $675,000 – $975,000

MLS #384244, MLS #381908, MLS #384293, MLS #383716   Click Here to View Listings

Single-Family Homes from $1,175,000 – $29,750,000

MLS #384066, MLS #383119, MLS #383963, MLS #381831 Click Here to View Listings

Click here for complete September statistics.

Maui icon Kris Kristofferson and his band The Strangers will be performing a benefit concert at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s Castle Theater on October 19th. Kris is not only a great musician but he can still spin a good story or two when he gets a microphone in his hand.  Kris, and his good friend Willie Nelson, are both full-time residents on Maui and are very gracious with their time when it comes to supporting worthwhile causes. I know most of you will not be here to catch this show but here’s an insider tip: Check out Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon in Paia for a late breakfast some morning and you just may run into Kris or Willie talking story with friends at a nearby table.

As always, thanks for taking time to read my Monthly Newsletter. I hope in some small way it helps keep that dream of owning Maui Real Estate (someday) alive.

Mahalo nui loa and a hui hou!

Michael Blaz
(808) 283-9093

* Urban Land Institution’s Annual Report by Patrick Sisson
** Cat Stevens, Miles from Nowhere/Tea for the Tillerman

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