“Another Record-Setting Month for Maui Real Estate!!!”

Baseball, aka: The National Pastime, is back!  Whether you’re a fan or not, what could be more indicative that some semblance of “normalcy” has returned? And so it is here on Maui. No, no baseball team here, although there are distant rumblings of reviving semi-pro...

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“Is Maui Real Estate Getting Too Hot to Handle?”

The feeding frenzy continues… January stats are out and the numbers are stunning. January 2020 was really the last full month that, for better or for worse, the pandemic wasn’t around yet to skew the real estate sales numbers. On a day-to-day basis, I only track...

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Grab Your Sunscreen; Maui Tourism is Opening Up!!??

Wondering what life is like on Maui these days, with tourism down 99% and a 14-day quarantine still looming over the few visitors who have trickled through? Statistically, we had 2,341 visitors in August compared to 273,638 in August of 2019. With a resident...

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