“Another Record-Setting Month for Maui Real Estate!!!”

April 18, 2021

Baseball, aka: The National Pastime, is back!  Whether you’re a fan or not, what could be more indicative that some semblance of “normalcy” has returned? And so it is here on Maui.

No, no baseball team here, although there are distant rumblings of reviving semi-pro ball once again on the islands. Over the past many years, leagues have come and gone due to lack of funds and support, but have helped launch some young player’s careers, and even showcased an aging Jose Canseco one season. Most notable of those teams was the Maui Stingrays, back in the mid 90’s.
Here are some of the things that signal a slow return to some degree of normalcy on Maui;
February/March occupancy rates have climbed to about 50% from the 10-20% numbers of previous months
The more popular restaurants on the island are getting booked up with reservations recommended two weeks ahead of time. This is partly due to the emphasis still on outdoor dining and limited seating regulations to about 50% of capacity.
Rental cars are hard to come by and expensive because so many had been shipped off island during the dead months.
A fair share of Mustang convertibles seem to have missed the ship out of town, though, and continue to be a visitor favorite. I always wince a bit when I see those bald heads driving around with the top down.
All this in spite of the fact that Covid numbers—statewide and on Maui—continue to creep up.
So what about that? It’s probably the same story where you live, as well. Yes, there’s a vaccine but even though needles are going in arms at a record pace, “herd immunity” (Mooo…) is still a twinkle in Dr. Fauci’s eye.
Truth is, in my opinion, we are learning as a nation to live with this pandemic; sort of like a bad in-law that we know we’re stuck with and have to make the best of it nonetheless. We’ve all learned a lot over the past year+ about this virus and how each of us chooses to respond to it, if at all.
Some–in many cases those who are at higher risk– have taken more seriously CDC and science recommendations to get vaccinated, wear a mask, social distance, and wash their hands frequently. Avoiding groups of more than a few people within their “bubble” and traveling only when absolutely necessary is part of their formula.
Others—those at perceived lower risk, life-long “anti-vaxers”, and folks who feel their Ist Amendment rights entitle them to express their personal freedoms tend to take more liberty with all of the above.
Guess what? It’s all o.k.!!! The vaccines are the “Great Equalizer”. Now the higher risk, more conservative group can feel safe—even from the Personal Freedom riders who may, in fact, be asymptomatic. It’s the perfect solution. It gives each and every one of us the opportunity to live our personal preferences without impacting others! Within reason, of course.
Guidance recently issued by the CDC green lights Hawaii to substitute proof of Covid vaccination for the 72-hour Covid pre-test or the 10-day quarantine requirement. Key details such as how to verify that travelers have been vaccinated—and completed the 2-week post vaccination waiting period– still need to be worked out.**
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that “people who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine can travel safely within the United States” and “do not need to get tested before or after travel unless their destination requires it.”
“Fully vaccinated travelers do not need to self-quarantine,” it added.
For the full story, click here.
**The latest from our Governor Ige—based on current information the State is targeting May 1 as a starting date for vaccinations to replace pre-testing or 10-day quarantine requirement.
“Supply and Demand” has been an almost biblical term in Real Estate since time immemorial. The term may have met its match. Here on Maui it has become “Demand regardless of supply”!
March statistics have just been released and for another consecutive month there are some real stunners. Yes, median price for single-family homes has set yet another all-time high–$980,000! Now, into the 2nd week of April, there are only 3 homes in south Maui (Kihei, Wailea, Makena) under $1,000,000; one is a short-sale and the other two are bank-owned foreclosures.
And finally, condominium sales have joined the Rising Price Club. Year-over-year, condos have now appreciated over 15% with a median price of $640,000, and inventories are down by 38%. “Months supply of inventory” (how many months it would take to completely drain the supply if there were no additional listings) is always a good way to measure market activity and indicate whether it’s a Buyer’s or Seller’s market. A typical number of months are 5-6; right now homes are at 2.1 and condos at 2.6 months.
The moral of the story? Get your piece of Paradise before they’re all gone!!!
Click here for complete March statistics.

I must admit that my attraction to the Mana Kai, south Maui’s iconic oceanfront property, shares a bit of nostalgia with me. When I first discovered Maui as a vacation destination in the 1980’s Keawakapu Beach, the beach that hosts the Mana Kai, became my “spot”. The rest is history.
This tastefully remodeled 5th floor unit offers unprecedented ocean views and views of Haleakala as well. On-campus amenities include the Five Palms restaurant, known for Maui’s best breakfast, and lunch and dinner served every day. The large heated pool is surrounded by ample decking for the sunbather and unadulterated relaxation.
As an owner, you will appreciate the fact that your home-away-from home is cozy and comfy, but functions as a top-tier resort, also. A well-equipped fitness room and full schedule of Yoga classes will appeal to those who are inclined, and miles of sandy beach will titillate the explorer in us all.
I have sold units at the Mana Kai and I can attest to the fact that if managed properly, six-figure incomes from rentals are very attainable. I encourage you to check out this nicely done video to get a better picture of it all.
Is Maui arguably the best destination location in the world? Conde-Nast Travel magazine seems to think it is right up there as it receives top 5 mentions frequently throughout every year. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have spent 24 years of my life here now. It would be my joy to help you do the same and “live the dream”.
Mahalo nui loa,

Michael Blaz
Maui Realty Associates
(808) 283-9093 cell
(808) 879-5510 fax

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