“Everything You Need to Know for Your Trip to Maui, and Real Estate Update!”

November 14, 2020

Well, the traffic is BA-ACK! Ford Mustang convertibles have been released from their corrals in fair numbers and can be seen roaming our streets and highways once again—tops down, of course!
For many here on Maui it’s a welcome sight, indeed. Along with the additional traffic (and it’s still far from what it can be in peak seasons of the past) condos and snorkel gear are getting rented, some restaurants are reopening, and the island is slowly coming back to life. The larger resort hotels in Wailea, Kaanapali, and Kapalua are beginning to reopen and most are expected to hang out their shingles by mid-month.
This month I thought I would forego the usual Covid report, and give you the information you will need for the upcoming visit you may be planning.
First, those who have followed my recent posts may have gotten the sense that I’ve been a bit skeptical, to say the least, that the proposed pre-testing program would ever really get off the ground. The start date kept getting pushed further and further back until finally, on October 15th, it was officially launched.
To be expected, the first few days were a bit chaotic with over 8,000 visitors hitting the tarmacs on the very first day. The state has established very specific guidelines on when, how, and where the pre-tests are to be done. Not everyone was in compliance because specific information was not disseminated well at first, but exceptions were made at the airport to allow visitors to stay even if they had used a test that was not approved by the State. Now, strict compliance is required. Please click this link for the latest up-to-date information before you book your trip.
One of the issues, or flaws if you will, in the program still allows travelers to choose the 14-day quarantine (yes! it is still in place) instead of the pre-test. Mayors of Maui, Hawaii (Big Island) and Kauai pushed hard to require those visitors to be tested upon arrival, but Governor Ige rejected the idea. As things stand now, Maui’s Mayor Victorino (baseball fans—yes, Shane’s dad) is asking those visitors to “volunteer” to be tested within the first couple of days of their arrival. The very good news is, out of some 1,200 who have volunteered for the test, only 3 positive cases were identified and they are being quarantined or have gone back home.
Regarding my skepticism, it’s been three weeks since visitors started arriving and there have been no more than a handful of new cases on Maui—about the same amount we’ve seen over the past several weeks—almost none!
Maui residents are very committed to wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands with soap (for 20+ seconds), and avoiding congregating. Most restaurants that are open have outdoor dining capability, have tables socially distanced, and require masks except when eating or drinking. Movie theaters are still closed and bars not associated with a restaurant are not open. All retail stores and Supermarkets, including Costco, require masks. In case you didn’t read the FAQ’s linked above, masks are required anytime you are out in public and Maui police are handing out citations for violations.
And finally, you can be assured that conscientious vacation rental unit owners and the housekeeping services they employ are committed to observing the new Covid-19 protocols for cleaning and sanitizing. Words to the wise, though; don’t take anything for granted. Masks and hand sanitizer are abundant here on the island; make sure you have ample amounts of both.
To avoid being thought of as “Captain Obvious”, I like to give my readers a look at current market conditions and suggestions on how you might get a step ahead of the market.
In a sense, we have what I would call “parallel realities” sharing our Real Estate universe right now. On the one hand, after a noticeable surge in new listings of vacation rental condos in August and early September, things have normalized a bit. Two reasons for this would include a) the fact that sales of these units have been somewhat sluggish, and b) the apparent success of the pre-test program has given owners a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel that they will get some reservations on the books as time goes on. Visions of enough income to at least offset costs dance through their heads.
There are some price reductions, though, and a buyer can cherry pick a few good values out there. I can help with that. Think of it this way, though—if you enjoy good wine you may have some wines that are now “ready to drink”, or they can still be cellared for some time moving forward; if you get my drift.
The other universe features single family homes. As the coronavirus continues its brutal march through our cities, states, and country sides, with many predictions that things will get worse as we get more in to the winter months, a home on Maui—a safe haven, not to mention a few dozen other amenities—becomes more attractive than ever. Demand is high and inventories continue to wilt. If you have been on the fence re: making a move here–or at least a place you can get away to, it may be time to pull the cork on this bottle. I can help with this, also (both the wine and the house LOL)!
This fabulous Maui Meadows home hits on all 8 cylinders, starting with the immaculately manicured ½ acre tropical oasis it sits on, to the cozy 2 bedroom detached cottage for extended family or help with the mortgage! This property literally jumps off the page and exudes excitement—check out the video and you’ll see what I mean. The 2.400 sq. ft. living area includes 4 roomy bedrooms and 3 baths. Soaring vaulted ceilings accented with rich exotic hardwood panels simultaneously create a feeling of space and warmth. Central A/C will keep you cool on our toasty summer days, and gentle tradewinds will take over as the sun goes down. With the single-family housing market on Maui as sparse as it is right now, this home is a true standout. Hurry or you may be out-bid! $1,495,000!!!
Click Here for complete October statistics. (Unavailable)
Click Here for Kathy Rosales’ Financial update
As the bad weather draws near and the pandemic remains top of mind, many of you may be Maui Dreamin’ even a little more than you do every year. If you are ready to take a serious look at owning Real Estate here on Maui, and if you are a pet owner, you may have noticed my new Pet Friendly logo at the header of this Newsletter. Although the lengthy quarantine requirements for your pet have been done away with (now you both may be quarantined, lol), there are still things you will want to know before bringing your furry friend over.
My website, MauiRealtyAssociates.com offers a comprehensive island-wide list of Pet Friendly condos for you to browse. Of course, single-family homes may have some limitations to size and number of pets, but generally they are allowed. Additionally, I donate $500-in your name– to the Maui Humane Society with every closed transaction. And yes, non-pet owners are welcome as well!
A hui hou, and as always, stay well!
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